Политика за възстановяване на суми

We have a 14-day return policy, which means you have 14 days after receiving your item to request a return.

To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the same condition that you received it, unworn or unused, with tags, and in its original packaging. You’ll also need the receipt or proof of purchase.

To start a return, you can contact us at office@agrido.com.

You can always contact us for any return questions at office@agrido.com.

Return of goods

In case of refusal to order a product from Cybellee, as well as in case of a request for а replacement, the consumer shall, within 14 days from the notification that he refuses the order or wishes to replace a product, return the product in its entirety and in good condition, in which the goods were on receipt, together with the invoice and/or receipt issued by Cybellee and issued by the seller or courier who delivered the goods to the above address. In certain cases, Cybellee may refund you without returning the product.
When returning the product, the consumer should indicate to the postal operator or courier company that he wants the service "Inspection of goods", as our department checks the condition of the goods before accepting them back and refunds to the consumer.
The return of the goods shall be at the expense of the consumer. If the consumer has not paid for the return delivery, Cybellee deducts the delivery costs from the price to be refunded and returns the consumer difference.
Returned shipments in case of “cash on delivery” requested by the consumer will not be accepted until their re-sending without “cash on delivery”. Cybellee needs technological time to check the contents and condition of the returned shipment.

Damages and issues / Exceptions / non-returnable items 

Cybellee has the right to deduct from the value under Art. 34, para. 1 of our General Terms and Conditions before its restoration, respectively:

  • the amount of the reduced value of the product, including its packaging, if after the return waste and/or damage to the product or packaging is found, which is not due to its ordinary testing;
  • the amount for the part of the service performed until the moment of refusal if the consumer has stated that he wishes the performance of the service to start immediately; if the customer is a trader or a professional this clause applies without the need for explicit consent to start the service and only if Cybellee gives him the opportunity to refuse;
  • the proportionate amount of what was actually provided to the consumer up to the time he notified Cybellee of the refusal if the consumer had stated that he wished to start the service immediately; if the customer is a trader or a professional this clause applies without the need for explicit consent to start the service and only if Cybellee gives him the opportunity to refuse;
  • the cost of returning the goods back to Cybellee;
  • the costs for the initial shipment of the goods, when the shipment at the consumer's request is made to an address and not to an office of the courier company; if the customer is a professional, he always owes payment for the initial shipment of the product, in case Cybellee gives him the opportunity to refuse;

In cases where the performance of the service has started within 14 days of the order with the prior consent of the consumer and received from the last transfer (deposit) and subsequent exercise of his right of withdrawal, Cybellee is entitled to deduct from the deposit amount equivalent to what has been done so far. In the absence of a deposit, Cybellee retains the option to claim payment from the consumer. If the customer is a trader or a professional, this clause applies without the need for prior consent and only if Cybellee gives him the option to refuse;

Extract from the Bulgarian Consumer Protection Act
- An excerpt from the waiver system can be found on the website of the Consumer Protection Commission.

Other cases of refusal (cancellation)
Each of the parties has the right to refuse to fulfill (cancel) the order or its obligations under it, for which it should notify the other party in an appropriate manner.
If the cancellation of an order is before the confirmation of the possibility for execution under the cm is of art. 14, para. 2, Cybellee / the user is not responsible and does not owe compensation and penalties to the other party.
Cybellee may unilaterally cancel an order if the customer has requested a product or service from the Site, noting that the order is intended for a third party (eg a gift), whose data he has provided for the purpose of delivery. Cancellation, in this case, maybe made if Cybellee suspects that the shipment has threatening, reprehensible, mocking, or other purposes contrary to morals and ethics.

Cancellation of an order does not entail any liability or subsequent obligation of either party to the other in relation to it and accordingly, neither of them has the right to seek compensation from the other for its cancellation in the following cases:

  • non-acceptance by the issuing bank of the client of the transaction for online payment;
  • the execution of the money transaction, which does not lead to the receipt of funds on the seller's account for online payments;
  • non-fulfilment or cancellation of an order by the seller before there is a confirmation for the same within the meaning of Art. 14, para. 2 of our General Terms and Conditions;

In the cases under art. 39 of our General Terms and Conditions the order is canceled automatically.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on sale items or gift cards.

Replacement of goods/products 

Within 14 days from the receipt of the goods, the consumer has the right to replace a product, in case the delivered goods do not correspond to what is expected by the consumer given the normal purpose of the product. 

In case of exercising the right of replacement and the existence of preconditions for its observance, Cybellee undertakes to replace the product with another within 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which the consumer has returned the respective product to Cybellee. In case the seller does not have the requested product and it is not available, he offers the consumer another product, and with the consent of the latter the exchange takes place with this other product, and in case of price differences between the two products the parties agree on additional payment. recovery of the selling price that formed the difference. In the absence of consent, Cybellee shall reimburse the consumer for the amount paid for the goods within the time limits and under the conditions set out in the preceding paragraphs of this provision.

In case of justified complaints, Cybellee shall bring the goods in compliance with the contract of sale within the term under 47, para. 2 of our General Terms and Conditions. The goods are brought in accordance with validity of the contract free of charge in one of the following ways at the discretion of the Seller according to the nature of the non-compliance:

  • repair of the goods (if possible and applicable) - all repairs of products purchased from the Site are performed in Bulgaria in services authorized by the seller;
  • replacement of the goods with a new one of the same type;

If any of the actions, specified in art. 48, para. 1 and para. 2 of our General Terms and Conditions, proves impossible or inappropriate due to reasons such as the impossibility of repair due to excessive repair costs exceeding the value of the goods, due to a significant irreparable defect or due to the nature of the goods, impossibility of replacement due to missing product availability, Cybellee returns the value paid by the user. the goods and for their delivery.

Reimbursement of the price of the goods and their delivery Cybellee owes in the following cases:

  • three times already repaired goods have been repaired within the term under Art. 42, para. 1 of our General Terms and Conditions, the goods again show non-conformity; 
  • when he has not ruled on the claim within the term under Art. 47, para. 2 of these General Terms and Conditions;

If the goods have not been unreasonably repaired or replaced by Cybellee within the term under Art. 47, para. 2 of our General Terms and Conditions, the consumer has the right to cancel the contract and to be reimbursed the amount paid or to request a reduction in the price of the goods.

The consumer may not claim for cancellation of the contract if the non-conformity of the goods with the contract is insignificant.

The consumer has the right under para. 1 and when he is not satisfied with the resolution of the complaint by Cybellee. The latter is obliged to satisfy the consumer's request, when after he has satisfied three complaints of the consumer by repairing the same product, within the term under Art. 42, para. 1 of our General Terms and Conditions, there is another occurrence of non-compliance of the goods with the contract of sale.

The consumer may not claim a refund or a reduction in the price of the goods when Cybellee agrees to replace the goods with a new one or to repair the goods within one month of the consumer's complaint.

In any case of a satisfied complaint, Cybellee shall issue to the consumer a copy of the satisfied complaint, showing the action taken on the complaint.
Unfounded complaint


Upon exercising the right of withdrawal and the existence of prerequisites for its respect, Cybellee undertakes to refund the price paid under the contract concluded at a distance from which the consumer has withdrawn within 14 days of notification of refusal, and when the goods are returned by the consumer or courier - within the date on which the latter returned the product or from the date of providing indisputable proof of return of the product by the consumer, which occurs earlier from both moments. In case of exercising the right to refuse services, the deadline for refunding the amounts paid by the user is 14 / fourteen / days from the date of notifying Cybellee of the refusal. The recovery of sums shall be carried out after deduction of sums by the order of art. 35 of our General Terms and Conditions, if applicable.

The amount subject to reimbursement under art. 47 para. 1 of our General Terms and Conditions shall include the price paid by the consumer for the goods or the service without the price for courier services for return of the goods, as well as for the initial delivery if it has been realized to the address of the consumer.

The amount will be reimbursed as follows, without incurring any additional costs for the consumer, unless the bank or the payment institution serving him does not charge any fees:

  • Payments made by bank transfer, debit, or credit card - to a bank account provided by the consumer or by refunding the amount to the account from which the payment was made.
  • Payments made by cash on delivery or otherwise - to a bank account additionally provided by the consumer or by cash on delivery - at the consumer's option;
  • Payments on consumer loans - after the termination of the consumer loan agreement and recalculation of loan installments - most often to the bank account from which the amounts for loan installments were received or in another way determined by the bank that granted the loan.
  • Payments on orders from users are refunded with the same means of payment used by the user in the initial transaction, unless the user has expressly agreed to use another means of payment and without incurring costs for the user.

* Bulgarian version of Refund, Replacement of goods, Return of goods, Damages and issues, Exceptions, non-returnable items policy  - download from HERE

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