It's no secret that March 8, International Women's Day, is not just another holiday on the calendar. It is a symbol of the long history of struggle for women's rights and equality. But let's not forget, it's also the day we pay tribute to incredible femininity and strength. After all, how can we not admire the creatures who manage to balance the battles for rights and the beauty of being?

Woman power and magic.... oh.. there is much to say but it will not be enough! Let's try

Talking about woman power and magic is not just a cliché. We all know the stories of women who changed the course of history, but what about those everyday heroines who overcome obstacles, make their families and careers thrive, and still find time to be a pillar of the community? You don't have to be Marie Curie to be strong. Sometimes strength is in the ability to listen to a friend in need.

Being a woman is a feeling full of colors and nuances. From the gentle touches of motherhood to the whirlwind of career growth, every woman experiences a unique journey. On this special day, let us appreciate this diversity, this unique blend of tenderness and indomitable strength that makes every woman unique and magical.

THE FEELING of being a WOMAN....

In an era where social media often dictates beauty standards, let's not forget that true beauty comes from self-confidence. On March 8th, let's celebrate every woman who dares to be herself, who wears her uniqueness with pride and sparkle. It's the day we honor the beauty of diversity and the strength that comes from inner contentment.

We don't have to go back to myths to see goddesses. Every woman who takes on the challenges of everyday life, who inspires others and makes a difference in her community, is a goddess in her own way. On March 8th, we celebrate these goddesses who live among us, who transform ordinary moments into something extraordinary and inspiring.


To all the lovely ladies – be strong and proud. Wear your beauty, wisdom, tenderness and strength with pride and joy. You are the stars that light up our world. On this special day and always, celebrate yourself – your uniqueness, your strength and your beauty. Remember, you are not just a part of history – you are writing history. On March 8th and every other day, be who you are - Goddesses of the Earth.